RedSea Maritime Rebrands With New Logo

  • RedSea Maritime Rebrands With New Logo

    RedSea Maritime Rebrands With New Logo

    RedSea Maritime Services Limited, one of the leading private shore handling companies, which receives and delivers conventional general cargo at the Port of Tema, has launched a new logo in a massive re-branding that seeks to re-position the company and give it an international appeal. Speaking at the ceremony at its Head Office in Tema, the Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ray Snowden, noted that RedSea has been operating in the Maritime Industry as a shore handling company for the past five years. “For the past five years, RedSea has inspired excellence over mediocrity and international standards without compromising on local practices. The new logo ushers us into a positive turn in the maritime industry” he stated. He said the new logo signifies a rising moment in the life of the company and the beginning of a new era.


    “The aim of the re-branding efforts is to deepen the company’s visibility, placing it at the top of the minds of all stakeholders and position it at a commanding height in the maritime sector” he noted. Mr. Snowden explained that with the new logo, the company’s client must expect nothing but the best. He added that the new logo will again usher in a positive turn for the company and will introduce exporters and general clients to a new system of operation that will take care of their needs. He promised a unique client service and satisfaction at the top of the company’s set of mission, vision and values, adding that their clients should expect nothing but high international standards.

    About RedSea Maritime Services Limited

    RedSea Maritime Services Limited (RSMS) is a GPHA-licensed shore handling company with operations covering the provision of receipt and delivery services in conventional general cargo in the Port of Tema-Ghana.


    Incorporated under the Companies Act 1963, it was established on 17th April, 2010. Our head office is located in Tema Community 6, with a branch in the Port of Tema and a spacious Off-Dock yard on the meridian road for the holding and delivery of earth-moving and heavy duty equipment.


    The company’s vision is to become a first class maritime services company in Africa and beyond. Its mission is to provide excellent services mainly through co-operative engagement with stakeholders and to satisfy customer needs. The company’s values are accountability, balance, commitment, integrity and quality.


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    • Seyram
      • Seyram
      • September 8, 2016 at 4:53 pm

      This is what Africa and the world at large needs when it comes to Maritime. Kudos to the RedSea Team.


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