Conventional General Cargo Handling

RedSea Maritime is an expert in the handling and delivery of various types of bagged, delicate, hazardous and general cargo. These include bagged cargo such as rice, sugar, corn, soya bean meal and fertilizers. Hazardous and delicate cargo we receive and deliver include, explosives, radioactive materials, flammable liquids, compressed gases, corrosive materials, toxic and infectious substances. 

We also receive and deliver steel and iron products. These include non-containerised steel/iron products such as reinforcing bars (iron rods), steel sheets/plates, H-beams, U-channels, hot and cold rolled coils, wired rods in coils and galvanised sheets and coils.

Others include: plant equipment and machinery, forest products like teak poles, as well as drum lubricants, reels of paper, crates, bales, cases, cartons, and palletised cargo. RedSea Maritime can also transport cargo as separate pieces, rather than in single containers (break bulk handling). Our highly professional team carefully ensure that all cargo is properly handled and delivered safely and on schedule.

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